Thursday, May 31

CrossFit Warpath – CrossFit


Warm-Up D (No Measure)

200 meter run

*Banded Shoulder Warmup

then 2 Rounds of

10 PVC Pass Throughs

5 Power Shrugs

5 Power High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatch from Power Position

5 Muscle Snatch from knees

5 Overhead squats

5 MB Cleans

*Use PVC,15,35, or 45 lb bar based on strength and technique level. When in doubt go lower


Snatch (1@60%, 2@65%, 2@70%, 3@75% )

Snatch Complex:

Snatch Pull + High Hang Snatch + OHS + Squat Snatch

If you miss a rep, or form starts to fail, drop weight so that you can complete all 8 sets

Reps should be performed as singles, about 2 minutes rest between sets.

Full complex should be performed without resetting.


Metcon (Time)


Toes to Bar

Wall Balls

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