CrossFit Warpath – CrossFit


Clean Progression Warm Up (No Measure)


200m run

10 pass through with pvc

Coach Led:

From the power position

-5 shrugs

-5 high pulls

-5 power cleans

-5 squat cleans

transition from knee

transition from shin

*all performed with clean grip

Skill Work

5 minutes to work on split jerk with PVC- focus on driving knees out in dip, foot position in the split


Clean and Jerk (2×2@50, 2×2@60, 1×2@70, 2×1@75, 2×1@80, 2×1@85)

doubles should be a quick reset at the bottom (no more than 5 seconds), singles should be performed with a break in between.

Focus on technique- DO NOT GO HEAVIER than 85%.

If form is not there, complete sets at lighter weights


Metcon (Time)

400m run

40 air squats

40 sit ups

300m run

30 air squats

30 sit ups

200m run

20 air squats

20 situps

100m run

10 air squats

10 sit ups


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