Our Story

A little background

Ricky Morgan and Donnie Morgan have the same last name but the only thing that brings them together is CrossFit and the enjoyment they get by being around members who love to hang out, have a good time, and get super fit in the process.

Ricky and Donnie were coaches at a different CrossFit facility when the opportunity arose to go into business together and purchase CrossFit Warpath. They loved their old box and the members, ownership, and staff there but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put their stamp on the local CrossFit community. It gave them an opportunity to build something that could provide for their families and help people along the way.

Going further

CrossFit Warpath was a thriving community prior to the ownership change and we are proud of the legacy the previous owners built. They hope to continue to nurture the culture and provide the best value for their members.