Couch to CrossFit*

Gain Confidence. Burn Calories. At Home!
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Why Do Couch to CrossFit?

Accountability makes the difference! Come join a group that is determined to hit their goals!

Couch to CrossFit is designed to help anyone kick off a new, healthy lifestyle or help someone who just needs to get back on track. We’ll focus on making sure you are moving safely with effective exercises to build muscle and burn calories. Our goal is to show you that getting in shape doesn’t have to be intimidating, we want you to look forward to each and every workout.

Participants Get
– 7 Workouts Per Week (42 Total Workouts)
– App to Track Workouts
– Focused Facebook Group
– 2 Inbody Scans
– Weekly Fitness/Nutrition Course (15-20min)


Your gym is wherever you are!

All you need is a pair of dumbbells or a backpack you can fill with some weight (books, cans, rocks, anything!)

Each workout will have an equipment option and a bodyweight only option, so even if you plan to get dumbbells but don’t have them, you can still get started on day one.

We’ll have a vibrant online community where you ask questions and learn more and more ways to stay fit and healthier as you go.

Day 1 will start with measurements on our In-Body 270 Scanner. This will give us your starting point that we can measure against at the end. We are focused on making sure we are getting you results!

Each week we will be providing a short course that helps you learn more about nutrition. It’s one thing for us to just hand over materials and walk away but we want to teach you the tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Then each day for 42 days we’ll show you the workout in our app. This app will show you how to do movements you may not be familiar with by some CrossFits top trainers. This will also allow you to record your stats for the day and throw them up on the leaderboard. You’re just competing against your self but to see where the others are can be huge motivation.


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  • Date: Oct 11-November 20
  • Price: $100

Better Fitness For A Better Everyday Life

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