We’ve heard it all, and it increases at this time of year when people are beginning to ponder New Year’s Resolutions. What I’m referring to is reasons why people can’t do CrossFit. They are numerous and they often depend on the individual, their personal experiences and their stage in life. In every misconception, there may be some truth, but you must look at the whole picture to decide the truth for yourself. This week we’ll look at 3 CrossFit misconceptions. Let’s look at the first CrossFit misconception.

#1 I’m not in good enough shape.

Nine times out of ten, when I talk to someone who has never done CrossFit, this is one of their reason for not trying it out.

This is caused by two problems. The ESPN coverage of the CrossFit Games and fear of the unknown.

First, people think of CrossFit and they automatically relate to the yearly CrossFit Games broadcast on ESPN for the last 5+ years. These peak athletes, compete for a gruelling 4-5 days of everything under the sun. They are incredible, low body-fat percentage having, 600lb deadlifting, swimming, rowing, running, and climbing, top of the top athletes. Statistically, there is less than one of those for every 10 CrossFit boxes in the world. They are rare. Not impossible to find, but rare.

With that in mind, saying you need to “get in shape” before stepping into a CrossFit box is like saying I just need  a little batting practice before stepping to the plate at the World Series. Like saying let me get into better shape before stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson.

Stop it. Every athlete in a CrossFit box near you likely has very similar goals. They want to shed weight to be able to chase after their kids. They want to get in better shape to get off blood pressure meds. They are in their 30’s and 40’s and don’t like the way they look in the mirror.

That brings me to the second part, fear of the unknown. Don’t believe what I’m saying? Check out your local CrossFit. See the athletes that walk in there day in and day out. They are just like you. All shapes and sizes. Grinding it out, day by day to get fitter and healthier.

Misconception #2…It’s dangerous. We’ll dismantle that tomorrow.


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