The Purpose of Intensity

Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. When you lookup the definition of CrossFit, this is the first sentence you will see. This basically sums up every other part of CrossFit outside of nutrition. So, for a moment stop and think about the movements you do at CrossFit and think of how they are …
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What the Open Means to Me…part 2

by Coach Blake This is part 2 of this blog, click here to read part 1 It wasn’t during a Friday night lights, there wasn’t a ton of people in the gym, in fact I believe there was only a handful of people there. I hadn’t yet formally been introduced to Leighann, and had only …
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What the Open Means to Me…part 1

By Coach Blake For as long as I can remember, I have been fueled by competition. Whether it was a sweaty summer game of one on one in the driveway, a championship match in high school wrestling, or even a backyard trash talking game of cornhole with my girl QB1. I was able to find …
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Coach Sarah’s 5 Keys to Good Nutrition

Why I Signed Up for the CrossFit Open

by Coach Blake B. Let me start out by saying that the following content is 100% my opinion, and I was not coerced, or compensated for any part of the message. I will, however, be attempting to influence each of the readers to at least entertain my thoughts and beliefs on this passage. It’s January …
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Common CrossFit Misconception #2

I know you’ve heard this one. You may have even said it a few times. But is it really true? Does it hold up to scrutiny? People are always injured during CrossFit …or something similar. The issue with myths is that there is always a bit of truth in them, and this example is no …
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